Performance Guaranteed SEO Service

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services

Google, Yandex and other search engines evaluate websites according to certain criteria and rank them. Page loading speed, semantic and error-free coding, user interaction, properly structured titles, original articles, beneficial and harmful feedback (backlinks) are among many factors that affect the ranking of your website in search engine results.

We comprehensively address your website as an internal and external SEO work, and provide performance guarantee in terms of increase and search volume in target keywords.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services
Journey to Your Target Audience

Journey to Your Target Audience

SEO service is a time and labor-intensive task. Properly implemented SEO work gives lasting results and brings you to your target audience. Every SEO work done with spam and useless backlinks achieves short-term success, but in the long run, it will harm both your brand and your website in the eyes of search engines. Professional SEO work starts with your website first.

With our comprehensive SEO service, always stay in the sight of your target audience.

Professional SEO Consulting

With our professional SEO consulting service, we will examine your website in all its details and present it to you.

We handle your website with our SEO expert team. We analyze all details from user experience, coding, loading speed, titles and articles to harmful backlink profile, and present them to you.

Professional SEO Consulting

SEO with Guaranteed Increase and Performance

Competition is actively ongoing on the internet, just like in every other field. Many internet users often start their research from the first result they see in search results, without looking at the site name, to find the service or information they need. Therefore, regardless of the sector, every site aims to be at the top of the rankings.

This is exactly where SEO comes into play. SEO is derived from the initials of the English term "Search Engine Optimization". In Turkish, SEO is translated as "Arama Motoru Optimizasyonu", which allows websites to appear at higher levels in search engine results.

As a corporate SEO company, we offer advanced level SEO services to bring your brand and company to the forefront. Our goal is to maximize the performance you get from your site. All you have to do is contact us.

Within the scope of professional SEO services, we do the following for our customers:

  • Determining brand value
  • Current position and technical analysis of the site
  • Competitor analysis
  • Identification of new keywords
  • Measurement of user experience and user interface optimization
  • Semantic clean code structure and site speed
  • On-site visual optimization
  • Title and text analysis and optimization
  • On-site internal link hierarchy
  • Structured data marker integration
  • Use of cache and compression policies
  • Backlink analysis and removal of harmful backlinks
  • Backlink work from sites that will interact with the site

Google lists search results based on the information it receives from bots, and bots also operate according to certain criteria. Our SEO service allows for an analysis of your website based on these criteria.

After all reviews are completed, the necessary work is started and all the items listed above are implemented one by one. Our SEO efforts include both the keywords that users most often search for and the keywords you request.

We guarantee performance in the direction of your site rising in search engines and your site's traffic increasing.

SEO consulting service is a very detailed matter. The most common mistake made here is starting work without examining the current position of the site.

This situation prevents understanding which items are inadequate or insufficient on the site. As a result, if the main issues are missed, sufficient performance cannot be obtained from the work done. Therefore, before starting necessary SEO work, your site, industry, and internet page's conformity to search engine criteria should be analyzed.

A site with impractical usage will make it harder for users to find what they are looking for. If you think that complicated designs will work to keep them on the site for a long time, this will only cause them to leave immediately. In addition, Google bots also scan URL structures to check their appropriateness.

As a professional SEO company, we create correct redirects and more attractive designs through our work, directly addressing the user. Corrections are also made in your URL structure to create a shorter and more Google-compliant structure.

Although your site may have high-quality content and graphics, if it opens slowly, all your efforts will be in vain. Because when users click on a site, they expect it to open instantly. If it does not open quickly and slowly loads, they usually return without doing anything.

Therefore, within our company, we take your site's codes professionally and do the necessary work for it to load faster. As a result, your visitor number will also show a noticeable increase.

If you want your site to be higher up in the rankings, you must first pay attention to the fluidity of the text and images you use. This is one of the most important aspects in SEO services.

Most users pay attention to whether there are errors in an article you share, to spelling rules, and to how language is generally used when reading. Fluent text will create satisfaction in users, resulting in increased traffic within the site. The images you choose should also be relevant to the topic and have high-quality resolution.

Our company first focuses on visual and text content optimization by examining the text. After reading through it all and correcting all errors, a proper structure is created. Then your images are also examined and necessary adjustments are made. Keyword usage is also included in text content optimization. The selected keywords are both what you desire and related to what Google has and your industry.

After technological tools are used to determine the topics that users most often search for, they must be properly used in the text. Because Google has a very advanced structure, it can also detect synonymous words you use. Therefore, in SEO work, keywords must be used correctly and meaningless sentences must not be created.

By paying attention to all these matters, our company ensures that the result of its keyword work increases the quality score of your site during bot scanning. As a result, your site is automatically displayed in the top ranks in viewings.

As part of SEO work, tags directly send signals to Google bots, enabling better indexing and listing of your site. However, the tags used must be proportional to your site and services. If wrong tags are used, they will not help you.

We examine the appropriateness of your current tags and make necessary adjustments.

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