Digital Marketing and Social Media Services

Social Media Managemen

Proper use of social media can add value to your company by improving both your sales and your relationship with customers. Social media management services address how to best carry your brand to these platforms, and consider how to enhance your account on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

We consider the target audience, age group, and other factors within the scope of the brand. In this way, we guarantee a correct and effective social media management.

Social Media Managemen

Facebook and Instagram Advertising (ADS)

Facebook and Instagram, with millions of users, create the most suitable areas to advertise to users of all ages and genders. With a properly planned and created advertisement, you can more easily reach your target audience

We provide a detailed analysis of the target audience suitable for your brand and company with our Facebook and Instagram advertising. Then, we help you reach your target with the right advertising techniques.

Facebook and Instagram Advertising (ADS)

Digital Marketing

With the discovery and rapid progress of the Internet, progress has been observed in many areas. The most important of these is marketing methods.

Traditional marketing and old-fashioned marketing with classical media has become insufficient in our globalized world. In this context, the newly developing digital marketing concept is widely used all over the world.

However, it is still new in our country and is used by a small number of people. Digital marketing used from websites to brand values; It enables a company to promote itself, its products and services.

Digital marketing, a new marketing method, allows you to promote the products and services you produce and offer within the company in electronic environments. Digital marketing covers the marketing process of a company on digital platforms. The most commonly used sources in this context are the internet, mobile platforms, and social media.

Digital marketing, which has been used for a long time in Europe and all over the world, is not yet widely used in our country. Digital marketing uses all modern promotion methods, therefore it helps a company progress quickly

Therefore, medium and large-scale companies that do not take into account digital marketing and therefore do not allocate a budget, gradually lose their competitiveness with their rivals in their own sector and fall behind.

Using this new method actively and correctly provides wider advantages compared to traditional methods. Because technology and opportunities are constantly evolving, classical methods have become more difficult to integrate. However, digital marketing adapts to all conditions of today and the future with its dynamic, competitive, and innovative features.

Digital marketing is used in the following areas:

  • Online brochures and catalogues
  • Brand values such as logo, font and color
  • Interactive tools
  • Websites
  • Social media
  • Blog posts
  • Online PR work
  • Videos
  • References
  • Product Description

In today's world where new developments occur every day, the areas of use of digital marketing are also constantly increasing. Because many companies around the world are thinking about how to reach their customers in the best and fastest way compared to their rivals.

Techniques used in Digital Marketing,

  • Content marketing techniques
  • Social media tools
  • Mobile tools
  • On-site campaigns
  • Targeting

Content marketing techniques provide a narrative for your company and brand. In this way, your customers are directly aware of your products and services. Therefore, your content can be any tool that can help clearly communicate your message. Images, news, and videos are the most preferred content marketing techniques today.

However, you must pay attention to originality and avoid copying here. Remember that imitations always enhance the original. If you want to create a good content and attract the interest of customers, it must be effective, shareable, effective, and original. If it is shareable, many people will recommend you to their surroundings.

Another element within digital marketing, social media tools, gives your product a human quality and allows customers to follow you on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. However, all of these have different purposes of use.

If your written texts are predominantly heavy and images are minimum, Facebook is a good tool for you. However, if the opposite is the case, you should choose Instagram. A wrong choice will prevent you from introducing yourself correctly.

Because social media tools are used globally, it is a perfect environment for companies to introduce themselves and their brands. Many businesses have caught an effective marketing tool by moving themselves to these tools.

In today's technology age, computers have become a necessity. However, no person can be at the head of a device every day. In addition, being at the computer does not mean that they have time to visit you. Therefore, mobile devices are a perfect option for you.

Smartphones are indispensable for everyone today. As a result, many applications have been developed, and sites have made themselves compatible with the mobile version. However, this is still minimal in our country. If you do not use mobile devices, your customers will find your site unusable and will not use it.

Therefore, correctly made mobile devices provide you with continuous support 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. This increases the competitiveness of your company and takes it to the top ranks.

If you want to sell your brand, there are many methods and strategies for this. These are determined by taking into account consumer behaviors and focusing on the factors that drive their purchase motivation. The most important aspect of this is in-site campaigns.

If you want to sell your brand, there are many methods and strategies to do so. When determining these strategies, consumer behavior is taken into consideration, and actions are taken based on the factors that drive the purchase motivation of consumers. One of the most important aspects of this is in-site campaigns. Although in-site campaigns are a classic option, they will continue to grow and be among the marketing strategies of the future.

If you want to constantly follow your customers, cookies, a method of targeting customers who visit and review your products on the internet, can help you identify them. If you want to make the most of advertising and introduce yourself, using cookies is enough.

Thus, the person who views your product even once will see other products belonging to you in the form of advertisements on different sites on the internet. In this way, it is possible to reach millions of users without incurring advertising and promotion costs.

Classical and traditional methods have become more difficult and costly today. In addition, it is very difficult to reach both global markets and distant geographies in our country with these methods.

Digital marketing is done at a lower cost than normal advertising and promotion costs over social media and the internet. However, the audience you reach and the efficiency you get from the impressions are many times higher. For this reason, E-Commerce capacity has reached a great level in the past 2020, and the transition of companies to digital marketing systems has accelerated.

This method is less costly and reaches more people; it also allows you to save money and increase your profits.

If you have a brand and want to grow it, you should know that activities such as ignoring the modern age, not following and applying innovations will only take you back and cause great losses.

If you want to reach consumers in the best way, you must first analyze them and know what they care about and find reliable. In this context, people find branded companies more reliable and use them more.

Digital marketing and branding thus appear as an inseparable duo. Increasing the value of your brand with elements such as logo, a social media account of your company, applications such as mobile applications will increase your competitive power by adding importance to you.

In Turkey, digital marketing has advanced considerably compared to previous years and periods. However, it is still insufficient when compared to developed regions such as the world and especially Europe. Despite this, the number of digitalizing companies is increasing day by day in our country.

Being in this market will not only make it easier for you to reach people in Turkey. At the same time, it will gain international recognition without making great efforts. A correct digital marketing will increase your value and make a profit.

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